All of my servers are named after species of foxes, each of which lives within the domain.

Vulpes bengalensis — Ubuntu 18.04 | Linode 2048 | Dallas, TX

Small, one-off projects.

Vulpes cana — Ubuntu 18.04 | Linode 4096 | Dallas, TX

Furry data projects

Vulpes chama — Ubuntu 18.04 | Droplet 2 core/4GB/80GB | San Francisco, CA

Mail server (in progress)

Vulpes corsac — Ubuntu 18.04 | Droplet 1 core/1GB/25GB | San Francisco, CA

TransArt, LLC server

Vulpes ferrilata

not used

Vulpes lagopus — Ubuntu 18.10 | Linode 2048 | Dallas, TX

Personal stuff.

Vulpes macrotis

not used

Vulpes pallida

not used

Vulpes rueppellii

not used

Vulpes velox

not used

Vuleps vulpes

not used

Vulpes zerda

not used

Alopex lagopus — Debian 9.6 | Linode 4096 | Dallas, TX

Vulpes lagopus is a ‘true fox’ belonging to the genus Vulpes of the fox tribe Vulpini, which consists of 12 extant species. It is classified under the subfamily Caninae of the canid family Canidae. Although it has previously been assigned to its own monotypic genus Alopex, recent genetic evidence now places it in the genus Vulpes along with the majority of other foxes.

Alopex is a legacy server running Debian stretch. It used to be my only server, way back, but with how far behind Debian lags and how far ahead I’ve moved in my own development, I’ve mostly left it behind — thus the deprecated name. I’m in the process of moving a lot of stuff off of it and onto systems better suited to the purpose.